Is a Store Liable for a Customer Injury?  


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June 8, 2022

Shoppers must feel safe and comfortable in any store that they shop in. However, if you happen to get injured in a store and the negligence of the store or property owner contributed to your injuries, the store may be liable for your expenses. Getting injured means that you have the right to speak with a personal injury attorney in South Florida.  

Individuals who have been hurt on the property of others, such as retail stores, can seek legal advice and representation from a trusted law firm. If you were injured inside a store or in its parking lot, this article could help you figure out if you have a case against the establishment or not.  

a store placing a wet floor sign as advised by a personal Injury Attorney in South Florida

Possible Sources of Liability  

Wet Floors  

Store owners owe their shoppers the highest possible duty of care because they’re guests. Slipping and getting injured due to an unattended wet floor is one of those instances where an injured party can claim compensation. Property owners must keep their premises in a safe condition and should have warning devices to notify customers of any potential danger.  

Falling Debris  

Items dropped or spilled in retail outlets can cause a consumer to slip and fall. If it is proven that the store owner didn’t observe due diligence in warning their customers, they can be held liable for their injuries.  

Lack of Security  

A store's duty of care involves safeguarding customers against third-party injuries, such as reasonably foreseeable and preventable crimes. Otherwise, the store owner might be held accountable for the poor security. In the case of convenience stores, security measures must be implemented overnight to safeguard customers and personnel against potential crime.  

a person holding a pen while reading about personal injury law at the office of a Personal Injury Attorney in South Florida

Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in South Florida?  

Our attorneys can examine your situation to determine whether you have a valid premises liability claim. Here at Injured Florida Law, we can offer you legal advice and reliable representation to assist you in recovering damages for your injuries. To schedule a free consultation, call us today!

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