Most Common Reasons for Car Accidents in Florida 


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January 23, 2023

Most people will have at least one auto accident over their lifetime. While these accidents can be avoided with proper preparation, other factors can contribute to these collisions. If you’ve been in this situation, a Boca Raton car accident lawyer can help you manage your case.

To help you prepare and avoid these accidents, here are some of the most common causes of accidents in Florida.

two crashed cars whose owners need a boca raton car accident lawyer

Common Causes of Vehicular Accidents  


The calculated speed limits in Florida aid passengers and pedestrians in making it to their destinations without incident. The likelihood of a crash considerably rises when drivers decide not to adhere to the speed limit. Driving at high speed makes it more difficult to make curves and corners safely.    

Ignoring Traffic Lights  

A collision occurs if a driver ignores a stop sign or speeds through a traffic signal. Even if a driver with the right of the way moves quickly, they might not anticipate that another driver will blow through a stop sign or a red light. A side-impact collision can be dangerous and even lethal for those riding in passenger cars. This can cause plenty of problems to the driver especially in relation to motor vehicle laws.

Texting While Driving  

It is forbidden to text and drive in Florida. A police officer cannot pull a driver over for holding a phone alone, but they can cite a driver for an infraction if they see them texting while driving. Nine Americans lose their lives daily every day in texting and driving accidents.

Any activity that diverts your focus from the objective of safe driving, such as eating and drinking, conversing with passengers, or fiddling with the audio, entertainment system, or navigation system, might result in an accident.

two crashed cars whose owners need a boca raton car accident lawyer

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